Meet Tess and Samsam

Once upon a time in a misty, dark and gloomy city there was a supermarket and in the supermarket there was a girl.  A very special girl called Tess.  Tess loved the environment and was trying to sell her eco friendly green bags to people.

She spent so much time making dot patterns on them and she made it so special they would even save the turtles. But the customers that were in the shop wouldn’t even glance at the little girl nor were they interested in buying one of her bags to take their groceries home in.

Tess felt sad until “hello” the supermarket has run out of bags “may I borrow one of yours?” the lady said.

“NO NO NO”,  Tess said. That’s the point not to borrow to keep but you must pay for them that’s the way it is.

“Ok little girl, but where the money will go?”

 “Well to save the turtles of course” said Tess.

“I shall wait “the lady said. And as she turned around she got such a shock for the plastic bag delivery service truck had just arrived at the supermarket. ,

Tess was sad and looked to the ground she could feel a tear running down her cheek when suddenly she felt a nudge in her. Something was telling her to follow something then a voice said “look around you what do you see?”. 

She tried really hard to see what was wrong when oh no she said as she had flung herself off her chair and was now running towards what she thought was a plastic bag. And as she got closer she knew that it was.  “ I have to get it but arrrrrrrrrrrr’’ she fell  into one of her brothers traps. “It’s getting away!” she yelled.

 She sprinted over to it at the worst time because the cars on the road just got a green light. She couldn’t walk out onto the busy street, no not just for a plastic bag so she waited desperately for the light to go red. But she had already given up. But why was that? Because the bag was now rolling down the white squeaky sand beach  and was only inches away from the ocean.

“Gosh could this get an worse?” she spoke. But she spoke too soon  for the bag had just rolled into the water and was now mostly impossible to see.

Tess sat on the beach and looked out to sea as if she had done something wrong.

Well that’s what half of her was thinking the other half was thinking she did her best but she couldn’t figure out which one should be in her mind.


Whats around the corner?

Tess sat there listening to herself . Thinking away.

Suddenly a voice out of the rock pools spoke “Help me! Please help me!”

Tess then realised that it was a turtle.

“I just swallowed a bag someone threw into the ocean. my home ,my habitat” said the turtle.

This bought Tess to tears.  “ I`m so sorry but it was me.  I tried to stop it but I was too late and it had already rolled into the ocean”.

The turtle glanced at the bag the little girl was holding in her warm hands. “What`s in the bag?” the turtle wondered. “oh would you like to see?” the girl excitedly spoke. “You’re the first person who actually wants to see”.

And there they sat for the afternoon unpacking toys that were turtles  books, posters and more things to come. They sat there on the squeaky white sand beach and told stories and had the time of their life`s. Until they both had to go home. “Bye “said the little girl. “Bye” said the turtle. “Oh and by the way my name is Samsam the turtle.  “Oh and mine is Tess”, she said.

 Tess was spinning away into the distance repeating bye and see you later alligator don’t forget your toilet paper or Sunday it’s Sunday and all sorts of things. But she was so loud to herself she couldn’t hear the turtle that was now in desperate need of help . He was in pain and couldn’t move into the water. He was worried because he needed to get back in to stay wet. He was getting weaker and weaker by the minute. Tess was now out of sight.

“What will I do”, by the time the water rises I will be too weak to go back to my home and who knows what types of sea creatures could eat me like a shark arrrrrrr that would be terrible!!!!”

So Samsam decided the best thing to do was stay calm and rest and hope that there would still be a Samsam tomorrow.

Beeewooobeeeewooooerr the ambulance went as it woke Tess up in the morning. “What`s that I wonder?” as she glanced out of her window. There was a rush of two ambulances from Sea World rush past and on top of their roof was a red light flashing and a sign saying “emergency “.

Tess panicked and told her mum she was going to the beach. Her mum told her to be careful and be back for school in time. So off she set to investigate.





Quickly we have to go

 It was still dark when Tess went down her stair case on her rush to the beach. And just as well she fell down them right down to the bottom and got a huge lump on her forehead.

Her mother and father rushed down to help and said it would be best for her to miss school and not go to the beach. Tess argued with her mum and told her she had to be at the beach to save her friend. Tess`s mum sighed and let out a friendly “alright, but come back in time for school” she repeated.

 Tess didn’t like the staircase any more so she climbed out her window and started climbing down. As she reached the ground it was starting to rain but nothing was going to stop Tess. Not this time. For Tess was on mission of investigation.

As Tess reached the beach she new she was too late for all the commotion had stopped and there was no Samsam, no ambulance and no squeaky sand. It was not normal white clean colour it was now different like those chocolate and vanilla swirl cakes my mum cooks.

 I felt those tears coming back and I thought this was the worst way to start the week. I hear my mum call me I don’t reply and I find her minutes after coming to get me in a rush.  

“Darling we have to go come on quickly or else we won’t make it”, she said “make what?”  “Come on I will explain in the car ok”. Tess answered.

During the car trip mum didn’t speak a word and I was becoming anxious on what we were in such a hurry for. I felt like it was something important and lots of things were going through my head again .When suddenly I drifted away into a long deep sleep like one sleeping beauty would sleep.

 I woke up in a chair and everything was foggy .I guess my eyes were still waking up. But there in front of my eyes was Samsam the turtle. “Oh my what’s happened Samsam?” Samsam wouldn’t speak. “He is very ill right now and needs to rest”, the vet said. “How about we spend the day here?” mum said.  “And right now you can have some private time with Samsam.”

 The vets from Sea World moved out and so did Tess’s mum. In fact everyone did and now it was only Tess and Samsam in a very quiet little room.

“I`m sorry this was my entire fault”. Tess said.

 I couldn’t believe it he still didn’t speak! And I was starting to think he didn’t like me anymore, thought Tess.

Kerrrrrrreeeekkk the door went as the vets and Tess’s mum walked in the door.

“Times up” the vet said.



Never leave me Samsam

“I think we should go now” Tess’s mum said.

“I think so too” said the vet.

Tess screamed and yelled as she was thrown over her Mum’s shoulder. She tried grabbing every doorway, anything in reach because she really didn’t want to leave Samsam.


This went on forever until the door slammed shut and the vets couldn’t hear Tess anymore.

They all let out “aahhhhh she’s gone” and you wouldn’t believe this but they were lifting Samsam up and into the Sea World car.

They were behind Tess’s car all the way home but took a right to the beach.

Tess saw them turn off and was now so excited and was looking forward to a trip there tomorrow. But during the night she couldn’t wait so she snuck out and ran down to the beach.

“Where can he be?” she wondered.

A dark shadow came out from the dark. “Hi there! Do you do know the beach is closed tonight due to the turtle that needs to rest?” said a strange man.

 Before the man could even finish his sentence I barged in and I let out a FAROUT CAN I JUST SEE HIM! TREAT HIM? AND SAVE HIM ? FOR HE IS HOME NOW AND THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I CAN SAVE HIM.

Right now the man stepped back and allowed me to see Samsam. As I approached, I started talking to my friend and tried to calm him. I also brushed his shell and then I reached into my bag that I take everywhere and I pulled out long plastic tweezers, reached down into his mouth and pulled out the plastic bag. This is amazingly GROSS and Tess ran down to the water and washed her hands then ran home and used her shredder and shredded the bag for good. Then, made sure that every strand made it to the bin. She snuggled up in her pink dressing gown and strolled down to the beach to say good bye to Samsam. But along the way she picked up glue from the shops and a Yellow fluoro road marker off the street.

“Hello Samsam”. And Tess spoke to him she glued the fluoro road marker onto his shell.

“You have been the best turtle ever!” Tess said as she carried him to the water’s edge and  pushed him into the water. As she started walking away she heard a thankyou and also realized that the sand was back to its normal colour.

By the time Tess reached her bedroom and looked out at sea she saw a little yellow dot floating slowly away into the distance.

“You will always be safe on my watch Samsam”, she said.

And Tess snuggled up in her bed and fell fast asleep till morning.