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AusTurtle Inc Membership

Membership is important to the organisation as it is the primary source of communication and it ensures the ongoing running of the organisation.

Membership is open to anyone in agreeance with the aims of the organisation. We welcome both active and non-active members, giving people the opportunity to participate in all levels of the organisation.


Aims of the Organisation:

To support sea turtle research and conservation
To support the objectives of the National Sea Turtle Recovery Plan through Research, Threat Abatement and Education
To support the preservation of sea turtle habitat and their associated biota
To engage in sea turtle education
To engage in fundraising to support the above aims
To support the continuation of a long-term research project at Bare Sand Island, Northern Territory
To collaborate and form partnerships with other organisations and institutions to apply for funds to support the above aims
To participate in discussions regarding sea turtle management, conservation and research at all levels including local, regional, national and international.

Membership entitles you to:

Voting rights at all meetings
Quarterly Newsletters
Annual Report on the Bare Sand Island Sea Turtle Research Project
Opportunity to volunteer with field research on sea turtles
Certificate of Membership

Types of Membership:

Individual $10.00 (1 year)

$30.00 (3 year)
includes a free turtle pin

Family $20.00 ( 1 year) $60.00 (3 year)
includes two free turtle pins

For corporate membership and sponsorship please contact us.

To become a member of AusTurtle please download the following form and send it to us with a cheque or money order.

Membership Form Membership form



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